“Be Happy”


”  We can transform our lives and the lives of the people around us, right now, just as surely as turning on the lights will illuminate a room, no matter how long it has been dark”  

” Siendo mejores personas podemos transformar nuestras vidas y las de los demas a nuestro alrededor,ahora mismo, tan certeramente como que encender las luces, iluminara una habitacion no importa por cuanto tiempo ha estado oscura”

flowers and bubbles

Published by

Dreamy Travels

I come from an Artist family that has traveled the World and has lived in several countries. I am an Artist as well. Born in Santa Monica, CA, I enjoy the richness of being the child of two cultures, a citizen of the World: an Argentinean Mother,a Spaniard Grandfather and an American Dad. My itch for traveling begun ever since I was a little girl: Listening to my Grandparents' travel stories, looking at their pictures, reading my Grandmother's travel diaries and so... I begun my own. I hope you enjoy it!!!

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