Elegant Buenos Aires

Hello Everyone, HAPPY NEW YEAR! …Long time , since I broke my wrist 2 months ago and I can barely type. BUT. that didn’t stop me from travelling!!! …Had a lovely visit to Buenos Aires…Where amazing old buildings stand tall among the fast paced city.

I found my time to walk around and managed to take some photos. We stayed near posh Puerto Madero, where Martin and I visited Fragata Sarmiento, a beautiful history filled boat. Along the days we made our way around  San Telmo, Palermo , Palermo Soho ( can you say Very Posh??!!) filled with lovely little book stores, shops and awesome restaurants…highly recommend dining there….

We cruised through the famous neighborhood of La Boca, where the world-famous Artist  Benito Quinquela Martin lived and opened an Art School… Here’s a tad bit more info about this Soulful Artist : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benito_Quinquela_Mart%C3%ADn

We roamed around its’ Magical, colorful houses and made friends with a number of very friendly KATZ  ;-D

We dined at the gastronomic neighborhood of Las Can~itas, the trendiest yet, with its’ Fine Dining and Delicious Gourmet Restaurants..

I was Delighted to walk the lovely cobble stone streets and just looking at the Building tops exuding History…walking by old coffee shops filled with Tango, and Secrets from an other time…

Casa Rosada ( equivalent to our American White House)                                                                                              Casa Rosada, Argentinean ” White House”

The World Famous El Obelisco                                                                                                     The World Famous ” Obelisco”

 Peace and the City :-)

” Peace and The City”

Fragata Sarmiento, Puerto Madero

Fragata Sarmiento …Puerto Madero

Amazing Old Buildings....

Lovely Lil' Coffee Shop ...                                                                                       Lovely Antique Coffee Shop, San Telmo

San Francisco de Asis Church...Where the Argentinean Current Pope used to give his Mass!

San Francisco de Asis Church…The Church where our current Argentinean Pope used to give his Mass !

San Telmo, Orange Juice Man! LOVED HIS FRESH JUICE!      Man making Freshly Squized Orage Juice…It was ** Delish** !!!- San Telmo Neighborhood

Beautiful La Boca Neighborhood

Beautiful, Colorful La Boca Neighborhood….

La Boca " Little Gossip House of Dreams..."

” Little Gossip House of Dreams”
La Boca... MUST. GET.DA.KAT !!

MUST.GET.DA.KAT! La Boca Neighborhood

Beautiful Palermo Soho Restaurant...My Fave!

My Fave Restaurant in Palermo Soho!!

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I come from an Artist family that has traveled the World and has lived in several countries. I am an Artist as well. Born in Santa Monica, CA, I enjoy the richness of being the child of two cultures, a citizen of the World: an Argentinean Mother,a Spaniard Grandfather and an American Dad. My itch for traveling begun ever since I was a little girl: Listening to my Grandparents' travel stories, looking at their pictures, reading my Grandmother's travel diaries and so... I begun my own. I hope you enjoy it!!!

5 thoughts on “Elegant Buenos Aires”

    1. Thank you so very much, Madhu!! It is indeed a place to go back to and scroll around for days….
      I LOVE all of your posts and Beautiful pics as well! I’ve been following your Blog for a while now!:-)

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