Useful tips for Traveling on your own

traveling solo

Hello Everyone! I came across this and thought I’d share it….Although some seem a little over the top, I thought it ws Awesome. SAFE TRAVELS!!

Ally 🙂


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Dreamy Travels

I come from an Artist family that has traveled the World and has lived in seven countries. I too, am an Artist as well. Born in Santa Monica, CA, I enjoy the richness of being the child of two cultures, a citizen of the World: an Argentinean Mother,a Spaniard Grandfather and a Santa Monican Dad. My itch for traveling has been a passion ever since I was a little girl, listening to my Grandparents' travel stories, looking at their pictures, reading my Grandmother's Travel Diaries and so...I begun my own. I hope you enjoy it!!!

2 thoughts on “Useful tips for Traveling on your own”

    1. Thank YOU for your nice comment!!! Yes, I can relate, My family is sort of a Gypsy Family and so am I… I found many of thee tips Reeeeally helpful! I will check your site!! Sounds Awesome….Happy Trails, Our Foodie Appetite, I hope you check out my older posts! 😀

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