Cruising Pipa, Brazil

Pipa is a Magical little town situated in the largest ecological sanctuary in the State of Rio Grande do Norte. A formerly quiet fishermen’s village with cobble stone streets, breathtaking views and warm waters, Pipa got ” discovered” by surfers internationallyin the late 70’s. It’s population and cuisine is almost like a ” Little Europe”… Nowadays, it’s a Gem for surfers, kiteriders ( Pipa means ” Kite” in Portuguese), down to earth, ecological, independent travelers that enjoy Nature. As well as for Lovers seeking for the perfect romantic spot. We landed in Natal, the closes big city and took a transfer for an hour and a half into the Beautiful jungle. Our Incredible Hotel awaited. Pipa has a great selection of Pousadas and Hotels and even hostels to choose from. Make sure if you stay by the beach, that your hotel’s STAIRCASE is in good conditions!!! Ask ahead since hotels by the cliff have 200 steps to go down to the water. We saw several in awful conditions and that could really be a challenge for your stay. Pipa has several Dreamy beaches, we stayed at Praia Do Madeiro but in a full day you can actually take a walk by all the local, Beautiful beaches. Towards the North side, you’ll see incredible, breathtaking cliffs that look almost hand painted, the earth changing it’s colours before your eyes as you blink! Praia da Casimbinhas is on your way to Tibau do Sul, where Lagoa de Guarairas is. This incredible phenomenon will amaze you as a sweet water lake merges into the ocean giving place to all forms of life such as beautiful pink dolphins, camaleons, turtles, lizzards…The entire Pipa area will amaze you. Watching the sunset at Tibau do Sul is a definite must!

Walking toward the South from Praia do Madeiro, you’ll run into Praia Do Amor, Bahia dos Golfinhos ( Dolphins’ Bay) where waters are very calm, there’s less surf and you can actually spot dolphins and relax from the wind as the mountain surrounds you. Pipa is a very windy area, so come prepared, whatever that means to you! ( And thank the wind, otherwise temperatures would be waaay higher! ;-D ).

Every single day, if you hang around long enough, you’ll get to make BEST FRIENDS with the local little monkeys that come by to say hello, looking for bananas, papayas, cashews and anything you’ll offer them! They’re kind, friendly and don’t bite.

Most hotels have transfers for a few bucks;  you can schedule pick ups and drop offs and go downtown Pipa to dine, shop, enjoy fun nightlife ( downtown Pipa is well known in the area for it’s Ecological vibe, Surf and Nightlife) and walk all the way passed downtown and stumble as we did with the ” real town” where it may not be so glam or cool but it has -THE BEST- restaurants the town can offer!

Pipa will bewitch you, even upon arrival you’ll see large coconut plantations, impressive cliffs, white sand dunes, coves and precipices. All surrounded by pristine , warm turquoise waters which you’ll be able to enjoy every day sipping some coconut water straight out of the fruit, kicking back and wishing time will stay still for ever!




Exploring Spain and Costa Brava <3

” I would never again be the same. This is the magic of travel. Any travel.  You leave your home secure in your own knowledge and identity, but as you travel, the world in all its richness intervenes. You meet people you could not invent; you see scenes you could not imagine. Your own world, which was so large as to consume your whole life, becomes smaller and smaller until it is only one tiny dot in space and time. You return a different person.”

( From Letters to my Son, by Kent Nerburn)


… And so we begun our journey to explore Spain, Costa Brava and before the Universe intervened, the South of Spain and Morocco…

We arrived to Madrid for our stay there for three days. The weather was incredible and it was May, just barely Spring; we were so fortunate a heat wave came along whispering good wishes of warm weather for us. The thing about Madrid is that everything is walking distance. We were lucky to stay a half block from the Reina Sofia Museum , right across Atocha Station where all Buses and Trains come to and leave from.

I highly recommend that area as it’s still very affordable, a very groovey, artsy, trendy neighborhood with great Bodegas to grab a quick bite , vino or beer or dine like you haven’t in a really long time! All restaurants and Bars are open it seems all day and until the wee hours, so whenever you’re hungry you can just waltz in! This doesn’t happen in small towns in Spain, so enjoy!

The first things we did was do our Museum stops: Museo del Prado and Reina Sofia, PLEASE NOTE! If you check online, both Museums are FREE after a certain hour. At this point in the year it was after 5 pm  and 6 pm. We had plenty of time to check out all the breathtaking Artwork before the Museums closed!

We chose a certain day to just wonder around the city and wall to all the tourist points. Now, we consider ourselves ” Travelers, opposed to Tourists” we try avoiding the usual crowded places and love discovering places, talking to the locals, meet new people sharing all the world and trying new foods… this said, there are very touristy places that are UNMISSABLE !!!

Our walk through the city hitting all the tapas bars at night was one of the highlights…Everyone looks so relaxed even right out of the office …the beautiful old buildings , the twinkly little lights…crowds laughing…Spain is truly Magical ❤

In order to do all this, make sure to wear comfy walking shoes!. Without even noticing, we’d walk around 8 to 10 k per day…just wandering! If you’re a girl like myself, I like to still be fashionable , you don’t have to dress like a potato bag to be comfortable! Wear layers: the weather changes several times during the day and you want to be prepared and avoid a cold. Bring bottled water in your backpack from any grocery or liquor store: Once you get close to the very touristy spots water is super overpriced and stores are hard to come by, so you wind up buying water a restaurant, which is a total no-no!!!

Ready to explore as we like, we walked to Parque del Retiro: A Beautiful park very close to Museo del Prado, be ready to walk a lot! Be bold to ask directions as there are so many little streets in the park it can get a tad bit confusing!

We decided to walk to the Palacio de Cristal, which is truly a gift to the eyes and the soul; a quiet building with an incredible story behind it, we happened to find this French Artist’s exhibit with rocking chairs… if you find it make sure you sit on one of the rocking chairs in it and look up to the trees…and take it all in 🙂

If you are in Madrid on a Sunday, a fun thing to do is to go to El Rastro ( from 9am to 3pm), an open flea market that dates as far as 1497 and has been declared historical heritage in Spain…

Be ready: It get’s crowded. And by that I mean people breathing in your ear, elbows everywhere and a mass of people just transporting you through the street! ! Carry as little as possible with you and if you bring your purse, place it facing Forward. We did not experience any burglary at all, but everyone who lived around there told us to simply ” watch it”, so I’m just passing it along… El Rastro was a lovely, lovely experience!

As we walked down from Puerta del Sol on Cervantes Street towards Atocha Station direction…wondering the streets we stumbled upon a very quiet Block…We spotted this charming house with a humble sign outside…. Little did we know it was

The House-Museum of Lope de Vega (Casa-Museo de Lope de Vega) is the former home of the” Golden age” writer Lope de Vega. The sixteenth-century house was bought by the writer in 1610. Today it is conserved by the Real Academia Española, which is the institution responsible for the regulation of the Spanish language. The Academy restored the house and opened it as a museum in 1935, the same year the building was declared a National Monument. 

We walked through the gorgeous hallway into the quiet little patio and just sat on Lope de Vega’s bench. It is all still intact : a very old door, the fig trees, his veggie garden. I closed my eyes and once again just heard the silence and took it all in ❤

If you need to get a little shopping out of your System, head toward Calle de Fuencarral, one of the three streets that merge into Puerta del Sol. As you might have noticed, I mention this Puerta del Sol a lot …it’s just such a great point of reference in Madrid! As you walk up several blocks and pass all the touristy restaurants, you’ll find a beautiful quiet neighborhood around the Courthouse and some outstanding restaurant for you foodies ;-D

If you are into Architecture, you can’t miss Plaza Mayor ,,_Madrid and the Biblioteca de Hermanas Pias in the Lavapies neighborhood… Fantastic Buildings!

madrid bdg torero

We have seen so many incredible sights, things and had breathtaking moments in Madrid which could never be compressed in a short Blog …But I can tell you this much: Madrid with it’s charming little streets, flamenco music, Amazing Museums , Tapa bars and restaurants and some of the friendliest people I’ve met through my travels is – I can tell you this much- my favorite city yet!

I hope you Love it as much as I do! Please email me if you have any questions!

madrid bdgs bestpalacio de cristal best


Palacio de Cristal, at Parque del Retiro

ally palacio de cristal

reina sofia ally sculpture


Museo Reina Sofia

madrid plaza mayor big


Plaza Mayor

hermanas pias cupula


Hermanas Pias Library

hermanas pias fantastic window



Elegant Buenos Aires

Hello Everyone, HAPPY NEW YEAR! …Long time , since I broke my wrist 2 months ago and I can barely type. BUT. that didn’t stop me from travelling!!! …Had a lovely visit to Buenos Aires…Where amazing old buildings stand tall among the fast paced city.

I found my time to walk around and managed to take some photos. We stayed near posh Puerto Madero, where Martin and I visited Fragata Sarmiento, a beautiful history filled boat. Along the days we made our way around  San Telmo, Palermo , Palermo Soho ( can you say Very Posh??!!) filled with lovely little book stores, shops and awesome restaurants…highly recommend dining there….

We cruised through the famous neighborhood of La Boca, where the world-famous Artist  Benito Quinquela Martin lived and opened an Art School… Here’s a tad bit more info about this Soulful Artist :

We roamed around its’ Magical, colorful houses and made friends with a number of very friendly KATZ  ;-D

We dined at the gastronomic neighborhood of Las Can~itas, the trendiest yet, with its’ Fine Dining and Delicious Gourmet Restaurants..

I was Delighted to walk the lovely cobble stone streets and just looking at the Building tops exuding History…walking by old coffee shops filled with Tango, and Secrets from an other time…

Casa Rosada ( equivalent to our American White House)                                                                                              Casa Rosada, Argentinean ” White House”

The World Famous El Obelisco                                                                                                     The World Famous ” Obelisco”

 Peace and the City :-)

” Peace and The City”

Fragata Sarmiento, Puerto Madero

Fragata Sarmiento …Puerto Madero

Amazing Old Buildings....

Lovely Lil' Coffee Shop ...                                                                                       Lovely Antique Coffee Shop, San Telmo

San Francisco de Asis Church...Where the Argentinean Current Pope used to give his Mass!

San Francisco de Asis Church…The Church where our current Argentinean Pope used to give his Mass !

San Telmo, Orange Juice Man! LOVED HIS FRESH JUICE!      Man making Freshly Squized Orage Juice…It was ** Delish** !!!- San Telmo Neighborhood

Beautiful La Boca Neighborhood

Beautiful, Colorful La Boca Neighborhood….

La Boca " Little Gossip House of Dreams..."

” Little Gossip House of Dreams”
La Boca... MUST. GET.DA.KAT !!

MUST.GET.DA.KAT! La Boca Neighborhood

Beautiful Palermo Soho Restaurant...My Fave!

My Fave Restaurant in Palermo Soho!!